The Link Between Mental Health and Addiction

mental health Addiction and mental health are closely linked to one another. Unfortunately, addiction can amplify mental health issues, and mental health issues can fuel addiction. Often, the two conditions are “dual diagnosed” and are considered “co-occurring.” This means you’re suffering from two conditions at once. Resolving one issue may not resolve the other issue, but could have a positive impact. If you have specific concerns about mental health and addiction, it’s wise to speak with a medical professional.

Those Who Face Mental Health Problems Often Suffer From Addiction

Research published by the National Library of Medicine found that roughly 50% of individuals suffering from severe mental health illnesses also experienced substance abuse disorders. Substance abuse, meanwhile, was found to have an impact on medical treatment and the outcomes of such treatment.

The researchers also noted that providing treatment for individuals suffering from both mental health and substance abuse issues is especially challenging. In the past, treatment strategies often focused on either mental health or substance abuse rather than both at once. However, medical professionals increasingly recognize the need to address both challenges by integrating methods and treatments.

Treatments for both addiction and mental health challenges must be customized to the patient. Each patient’s experience is its own unique journey filled with individualized challenges. As a result, generic treatments often fail, but customized treatments can yield results.

Does Substance Abuse Cause Mental Health Problems or Vice Versa?

While mental health issues are closely linked to substance abuse issues, it’s not correct to say that one causes the other. For individual patients, it is possible that substance abuse causes a mental health issue or vice versa. However, any diagnosis would have to be made by a medical professional based on the patient’s own unique experience.

Both conditions can increase risks. For example, many people suffering from depression self-medicate by consuming alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol consumption can exacerbate depression and anxiety. In turn, the patient may continue to try to self-medicate. That’s why it’s always important to seek professional help when you start exhibiting signs of either addiction or mental health.

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