Opioid Detox Treatment Program in Corona, CA

What is Detox?

 Detox is recommended when withdrawing from opioids may result in serious physical and emotional complications. Our physicians, nurses and substance abuse case managers carefully monitor the detox process to determine if additional medical intervention is required to ensure the person’s safety.


Is Detox Safe?

Detox may cause a person to experience symptoms that are very uncomfortable and painful. Withdrawing from opioids can be life-threatening, which is why detox should only be under the supervision of licensed, qualified healthcare physicians that recognize the stages of detox and how to safely address any issues that may arise. When performed in this manner, detox is a safe effective method to initiate recovery.


What Does Detox Involve?

For those who have lived with opioid addiction, the thought of detox is perhaps the most terrifying step in recovery. Addicts typically have a deeper understanding of their addictions than those around them. They may have had several instances without access to opioids, which may have led to painful physical withdrawal symptoms. Many times, inability to control withdrawal symptoms are often the reason a person continues to use. 

AMATA’s outpatient detox treatment utilizes current contemporary clinical standards in addressing individual needs, including physician monitoring, support, compassion and encouragement needed to complete the detox phase. You are given narcotic replacement medications to lessen your physical withdrawals, cravings and the psychological effects caused by long-term opioid use. Detox is generally short term based on your individual substance use history, severity of your withdrawal symptoms and urgent medical and psychological needs.


How Do I Know If I Need Detox for Addiction?

Determining the need for outpatient detox is on a case-by-case basis and best left in the hands of experienced licensed healthcare practitioners.

If you have questions about our outpatient detox program or would like to speak to someone about your concerns related to going through detoxification, contact us to speak with one of our intake specialists. Our compassion and insight will assist you to feel confident about your choice to enter our treatment program. Attempting to detox on your own may increase your risk for relapse. To learn more about our outpatient detox program and other treatment services, contact us today.

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